Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Know your community resources: Maynard Historical Society

In what will become a semi-regular feature on this blog, I'd like to take a look at community resources that some in Maynard may not be aware of or might be in need of a reminder of. As you already know, Maynard is a fantastic small town with a lot of great things happening in it. And now to lead us off...

While the library does have many resources for those looking to learn more about Maynard's history including town reports, all the books written about Maynard, most of Maynard High School's yearbooks, and more, we are far from the only stop for local historians seeking more information. For those serious about really delving into it, The Maynard Historical Society exists entirely to promote the need to remember the town's proud history since its inception in 1871.

The society does an excellent job of cataloging its collection online and posts photos of most individual items as they are put into the system. There are so many interesting pictures of buildings, people, and artifacts from all periods of the town's history. One of my favorites is their extensive collection of postcards that you can view here. You may search or browse the collection here: http://collection.maynardhistory.org/

The society also puts out a quarterly newsletter with bits of interesting newspaper articles from years past along with first-hand stories from those that have lived in the town for a long time. If you join the society, which you can do here, you can get the newsletter mailed to your house with each new issue.

Also worth noting is that the society will be soon be holding its June meeting on Monday, June 17th at the Maynard High School. It will be one of the final functions to be held in the building before it gets turned over to the demolition company. The program for the meeting will be the history of Maynard schools with an extensive slideshow and program covering the history. There will be a select number of prints on display from their collection - every MHS yearbooks in their collection and a bunch of artifacts.

Lastly, the Historical Society is currently housed in the Maynard Medical building of Clock Tower Place. The only time to visit is on Wednesday mornings and it is recommended that you contact the society's president, Dave Griffin before going down to make sure that they are open and able to take a visitor. You may contact Dave 978-394-2375 or email him at davebets@mac.com.

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