Wednesday, April 3, 2013

OverDrive E-Book service improved!

An updated version of the Digital Media Catalog went live for the Minuteman Network yesterday, allowing for a much more user-friendly way to browse for and borrow e-books and audiobooks.

The one thing I’m most excited for in this process is the ability to read the book in a browser without having to download any software. For many library patrons that have tried to download e-books over the last couple of years, this has been the tricky part that has led to technical difficulties. Assuming all works well with this new version, e-books will be easier than ever to find and read.

Once you get to a title that you want to read, you'll have the option of downloading it to your device/computer or simply reading it in your browser. Once you click "Read," it'll pop right up and you're set to go. Returning it is just as easy.

Try out the new download service here or to read a guideline of all the changes, click here.

Send an e-mail ( or comment below if you’re interested in sharing your thoughts on the new way of downloading e-books. And remember to swing by the Reference Desk if you're ever stuck on downloading e-books in any way.

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